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Resolve Endurance and Training Class Schedule

Strength and Mobility Training for Endurance Athletes 

Program starting Nov. 19 - March 13th

Take your training to the next level by including a strength program into your off-season training. This 4 month program will consist of 28 workouts programmed specifically for the endurance athlete. Phases of the program to include strength and power build, plyometric phase, and finally a functional stability and mobility phase to ease back into season.


  • $225 for 1 x/week

    • Option for 3 payments of $80 each

  • $325 for 2 x/week

    • Option for 3 payments of $110 each


  1. MW from 5:30-6:45pm Strength Training for Endurance Athletes

  2. Wednesday 7pm - Workshops (Handstand, Mobility, Balance, etc)


Yoga classes with Resolve Endurance

  • Mobility & Restorative Yoga Classes at Ascent Climbing Studio

    • Sunday @ 5:30pm Yoga Mobility, 6:45pm Restorative

    • Monday @ 7:45pm Restorative

    • Wednesday @ 12pm Yoga Mobility

  • Yoga Mobility at Raintree Athletic Club

    • Wednesday @ 5:30am (yes… am)